How to kit out the man cave

How to kit out the man cave

Call it tradition, testosterone or just plain cool, but a man cave is an essential part of any adult male’s life. Not everyone can afford these secret hide-out, entire garage-sized spaces and fully kitted out rooms, but that’s also not entirely necessary. Just give the men a corner of the house or property to make his own and just take the time out he needs at the end of a hard day.

The must-haves

Every man cave has certain essentials that are required in order for it to achieve “man-cave” status. First among these, is an incredibly comfortable lounge suite to serve no other purpose than to accommodate lazy bones. Next on the list is a mini fridge. Stocked with all his favorite drinks, ready to consume upon arrival and before slouching down into the comfy couch. No man cave is complete without a TV and super sound system for sports games, Star Wars marathons and The Notebook (this is a safe place).

Man-cave quotes are another must-have and if quotes aren’t your thing, at least decorate your walls with themed posters of your choice.

But if you’re looking for quote inspiration, check out the list below:

  • Man cave: where men can be men
  • What happens in the cave, stays in the cave
  • Man cave rules: hydrate with beer, burp freely, don’t touch the remote

Last but not least, every man cave needs to reflect the individual’s hobbies. If you’re into comics, this is a safe place to display your collection. If you collect random figurines (not toys) but your partner refuses to let you decorate the house with them (because they’re toys) – this is your room and your rules and here the figurines stay.

Music themed

The man cave is a great place to get creative and integrate your love of things. For a music-themed man cave there are great DIY projects you can do with old instruments and to keep the theme present.

Create a snare drum ceiling light, guitar case or guitar shell shelves, a floor tom table, framed guitar wall art, CD coasters, vinyl record clock, a piano keys doorbell, or an amp jack-rack to hang your keys.

If you’re using this room to record music or play around with instruments, make sure it’s soundproof and get at-home recording equipment. Now you can start a no-judgement side hobby from the comfort of your man cave. Put up your all-time music heroes posters up on the walls and be inspired by the greats to play around and maybe even create a masterpiece of your own. And if that fails, don’t worry – what happens in the man cave stays in the man cave.

Sport themed

Now, if you don’t think you’d find purpose in having a man cave, just think about Saturday rugby days. Now think about the kids running around the house, wanting to change the channel, stealing all your biltong snacks and your partner trying to get you to help around the house… so you’re investing in a man cave now? Good choice.

Keep it sports themed by taking your old sports jerseys and turning them into cushion covers to compliment your couch, take old tennis racquets and repurpose them into mirrors, little foosball players into hangers, have a mini basketball net put up on the wall opposite your couch, have a case displaying your sporting achievements (past and present) and put up a dartboard. A dartboard should probably be a must-have in all man caves in any case.

Handy-man themed

If you consider yourself a tinkerer and need a place to just tinker away and get creative with household items your partner has no idea are missing, welcome to the joys of a man cave.

Have a handy-man-themed man cave with bent wrenches or hammers as coat hangers. Turn pallets into a table. A cabinet organised by you, for you and for all your tools. Tyre shelves, a clock made out of gears and a DIY faucet drink contraption for your favorite spirits.

You’re probably considered the king of DIY in the household, so you could really get creative with upgrading your favourite things to feature in your man cave as a sign of your creativity.

This is your room where anything you say goes. Have some fun and make sure you have the essentials. Then, at the end of a long day, shut the door, kick up your feet on your custom table, put your favourite show on and relax the day away.


Authored by: Pete Anderson

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