How To Start A Cafe Business

How To Start A Cafe Business

Here’s an idea:

Siblings Set Up A Mobile Café and Bar Business Using A Shipping Container.

Fed up with being overlooked in favour of cheaper or younger staff, two siblings (brother and sister) decided to establish their own business to employ themselves. Their idea was to create portable bars and cafés using shipping containers.

The first Cargo Bar Café was opened for service just a few weeks ago in Seaford, providing drive through coffee service to commuters in the area.

Jareth Richardson, the business’ co-owner, said that he stumbled upon the idea when travelling through Europe where He noticed many businesses were set up in shipping containers.

With His background in events and Gemma’s (the other half of the duo) experience in hospitality, the two reckoned their combined talents would enable them to set up and run the business successfully. And since working together in the events and hospitality industry had been a long-time dream of theirs, they decided to give the idea a shot.

The challenges

Like any other entrepreneurs looking to set-up a business, Jareth (23 years old) and Gemma (19) also encountered a couple of challenges while trying to set up their operation; the most difficult of which was finding a space to set up the café.

After writing several letters to businesses asking for permission to set up on their property, the partners finally got a positive response from Greg Barretta, a hotel owner in Seaford. Barretta decided to give the business a chance and allowed them to use space on his property for six weeks free of charge before they decide on a way forward.

Since they have overcome the challenges to open up their first café, the duo is planning bigger things for their business. Their plan is to launch a portable events bar that people can hire for parties and events.

Creating your own opportunities

With youth unemployment being somewhat of a challenge in Australia, the two are a shining example of how the youth can think outside the box to create employment for themselves.

By transforming a used shipping container into a café, the two were able to create an affordable space for their business, proving that you don’t need a lot of resources to set up your own business.


Authored by: Pete Anderson

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