How to make money on the side

How to make money on the side

There are two platforms on which to do this: online and offline. And remember, these are ways of making extra money on top of what you’re currently making. In certain regards, if you’re a professional, then, by all means, make a living out of it. If not, (and if you don’t see yourself starting your own business in any of these ventures), then stick to your day job and enjoy the little bits of extra cash.


There is literally an app for everything – even apps to make you money or earn you rewards. They’re not likely to make you a millionaire any time soon, or any time actually, but who is going to say no to quick and easy money?

Moving to the internet, you will find skills platform sites like Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace for you and your skills. It’s basically serves as a marketplace for freelancers around the world who advertise their specific skills. And if “hired”, they complete the job and then get paid. Pretty simple and extremely doable for some side bucks and doing something you enjoy. If you fancy yourself a decent photographer, put your photos up on sites like iStockPhoto and Fotolia where you can get paid everytime someone buys your photograph. Or combine your skills and knowledge and start blogging.

But you don’t necessarily need a platform to do freelance work (although it does make finding business easier). Advertise your skills and book some freelancing gigs to do on the side in your free time. You can also become an online tutor, the hours aren’t the best, but it’s money.

Then we have the beauty of Gumtree, Facebook Buy/Sell, OLX and other online classifieds where you can sell everything you own. Maybe selling everything isn’t the greatest idea but, selling things you don’t use or want anymore, can earn you some extra cash.

Online reviews and surveys are a quick way to earn cash, some of which correspond with those apps mentioned earlier – how convenient? Try SurveySavvy for surveys or Epinions for reviews. Or you can simply search the internet and watch videos for cash! Crazy? Yes, but it’s not a hoax. Swagbucks will pay you to search, browse online stores, play games, watch videos and, basically, be on the internet. Complete the tasks they give you (online, of course) and you will earn Swag Bucks reward points which can eventually be cashed out.


Okay, so there are some online things that you can do in the offline world as well, like tutoring, taking surveys, selling your items. But there are also some other things you can do to make some extra money.

A good place to start would be at work. If you feel you deserve it and can back yourself up, ask for a raise or even a promotion. The next step would be to make sure you know about personal finance. Figure out finance for non-financial managers (let’s be honest, being a financial manager was never in your cards). When you do this, you’ll be smarter with your money and maybe not make money from it, but you can definitely save money from it. Speaking of being financially savvy, you can also invest your money to, eventually, make money.

But if you’re looking for a more instant reflection in your bank account, you can take up sitting things. Not sitting on things, but babysitting, petsitting and housesitting. It’s quick money and there’s generally a great need for “sitting” expertise. If you want a more reliable booking system, you can sign up with an agency as well.

Make money and save the planet at the same time. There are recycling companies that have cash or rewards programmes for companies and individuals who recycle certain things in large quantities.

Then you always have the option of using your body to make some money on the side. Nothing illegal, but standing in as a model for an art class, taking part in medical studies, taking part in focus groups, donating body tissue and slaving away to do other people’s chores are all ways of raking in the cash in your spare time. Well, you won’t have spare time anymore if you take all of that on.

Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do to support your online shopping addiction. Also, it’s always great to have extra money coming in. You could even start a savings account purely from these activities. That would be a smart financial move coming from someone with a non-financial manager background.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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