How to increase productivity in your control room by using the right furniture

How to increase productivity in your control room by using the right furniture

Operating a security control room is a demanding position. You need to be able to concentrate on a myriad of computer screens, with feeds from several cameras and this can take a toll on your posture. Having the correct furniture for control room staff is vital to not only their health but for increasing productivity levels.

Healthy workers mean more productivity

If you have the correct control room furniture for your staff, the ergonomics of this furniture will increase their posture and, consequently, their health. A sedentary office job can have significant negative health effects, which is why having a chair that offers the correct back and body support is vital.

You could introduce sit-to-stand workstations, which help to eliminate musculoskeletal disorders caused by long-term sitting and increase productivity by improving blood flow to the brain. This alertness will ensure that control room operators do not miss a serious occurrence on the screens in front of them due to tiredness or discomfort.

Comfort is key to alert workers

A comfortable chair is key for those who work in control rooms. The majority of their work day is spent sitting and watching for any suspicious happenings around them, and to do so successfully they need to be alert and aware of everything that is happening.

Having a chair that supports their spine and body but also provides comfort will help this situation. When your staff is sitting comfortably, they will not be distracted by adjusting chair heights or backrests, which could cause them to miss important footage. A comfortable chair will boost productivity and will increase the general morale of your employees.

The right mood creates the best output

A control room does not have to look or feel like an austere security room, with drab walls and old, shabby furniture. Updating both the appearance and the furniture in the room will please your workers and make them happy to come to work every day. Warm walls in neutral tones with plants dotted around will improve the workplace immensely.

Having well-taken-care-of furniture will have a positive effect on the mood of your employees, which will directly affect their productivity. If they know their health and wellness are being taken care of, they are more likely to be able to concentrate on the job at hand, rather than feeling demotivated and underappreciated.

Layout and design are conducive to better work

Increasing productivity is not only achieved by furniture alone, but by the entire layout and design of the control room. Furniture that is not organised in a manner that is conducive to work will create a disorganised atmosphere, which will cause productivity to decrease rapidly.

Workspaces should be organised in such a way that both the individual and the office as a whole are taken into account. Determine the office space traffic patterns, and organise work spaces around these. If possible, you could set up an area for teamwork as well as areas for individual work. Having a team meeting space will bolster morale and make for a more productive office space.

Office furniture can determine lighting, which aids brain activity

Natural lighting in an office can increase productivity significantly. Exposing your employees to natural light has a positive effect on their brain activity and physical health, and using office furniture to do this is a great option. Productivity is affected by lighting, as a dark office can cause employees to feel lethargic and less alert.

Control room furniture can be used to organise the office in such a way that the most natural light is let in, by clustering desks close to a skylight or placing workers close to windows for fresh air and light during the day. Many offices use divisions between workers, but this may cause some workers to experience less light than others, so do away with tradition and introduce circular desks so each person can experience natural light.

The proper furniture for the role can help

Having the correct furniture for the role of control room operator can go a long way to increasing productivity in your workers. Sitting slumped in uncomfortable chairs that are not made with ergonomics in mind will undoubtedly decrease productivity levels.

However, if your employees have chairs that have been specifically designed for their roles, they will not only be comfortable but will feel more motivated to work hard. A chair that is designed to support your back and body can make a world of difference to someone who spends the day sitting at a desk. Look for chairs that have been designed with spinal and lower back support in mind.

Final thoughts

Introducing the right office furniture to your control room employees will not only improve productivity but also their health. Having healthy workers means they are able to stay more alert during long shifts and eliminates the possibility of missing something on the job.

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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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