How you can use asset finance to build your business

How you can use asset finance to build your business

As a small business owner, growing your business is as important as maintaining its current level. Not only will this give you an edge over the competition, but you will be able to retain customers and bring in new ones by building and improving your business. You can do this by looking into finance options such as small business vehicle financing to grow your fleet or by financing up-to-date equipment to stay ahead of the competition.


You can also look into small business asset finance in order to fund growth in your business. Vehicle and asset finance can help you to increase your fleet if you offer transport services or to purchase modern computers for designers if you offer marketing services.  Not sure how to move forward? Below are some tips on how you can boost your business.

You can lease equipment

Asset finance can be used to lease expensive equipment that you use to keep your business running. For example, for a boutique construction agency, it might be too costly to purchase the unique construction items you need for each job. But with small business asset finance, you can lease equipment for each project with the possibility of owning it once the lease is over.


You can lease equipment of any size, from a coffee machine to improve the morale of your staff to a crane that is needed for your new building project. It can be more cost-efficient than buying the equipment outright, and you can use this cash flow to focus on other aspects of your business, such as marketing or product creation. And because your expenses are fixed and maintenance costs are taken care of , your small business will save a significant amount of money.

You will have control over monthly expenses

When you use business asset finance, you will have greater control over your monthly expenses. You can keep an accurate record of your expenses and make sure that you are using your money wisely. This can be done by looking into hire purchase, which means that you will own the equipment after the lease period.


Not having full control of your finances can be detrimental to the success of your small business, so be sure to read the terms of the financial agreement with your lender. You can negotiate an interest rate that is affordable for you if you feel as though you might not have one that is optimal. Be sure to maintain your budget each month by drawing up a sheet that you fill in regularly, and always use these numbers when calculating the costs of renting or buying new equipment.

You can keep equipment up-to-date

Whether you are in the technology industry or you are a landscaping entrepreneur, you need to keep your equipment up-to-date in order to stay ahead of the curve. And using asset finance can help you to do this by allowing you to lease modern equipment that meets your needs and is using the latest software and hardware.


You will lower your risk of becoming obsolete by remaining on the pulse of your industry and using only the most updated equipment. For example, if your designers need to create stunning visuals for a client campaign, they can only do so with new software and the right equipment. And this means that you will have to lease or buy new computers for them. This can become expensive, which is where asset finance will come in handy. Staying up-to-date with trends is vital to building any business.

It can help with quick decisions

Sometimes in the world of business, you need to make decisions as quickly as possible. You might have to introduce new equipment to your construction team ahead of a new project that is taking place in a week, and asset finance is often approved quicker than conventional finance. This is because there is less risk attached to it and the lender knows they will recoup their money.


This allows you to make snap decisions with ease and maintain your business without having to worry about finding the funds for new equipment, vehicles or assets. It is important, however, to remember that any financial agreement is a serious undertaking and should not be entered into lightly. Speak to a financial adviser about asset finance and when you can expect the payment so that you can budget for this when choosing new equipment.

Small business doesn’t mean small achievements

Being a small business owner does not mean that your achievements are small. In fact, you might find yourself exceeding your own expectations. You can use business asset finance to lease equipment and keep your business up-to-date. And it can help with quick decisions that need to be made as well as allow you to have greater control over your finances. You will soon find that your business is growing from strength to strength by using this simple financial tool.

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