How to show appreciation for your clients

How to show appreciation for your clients

As a business owner, you always have to be on the ball when it comes to acquiring and keeping clients. This means that you need to show them that you appreciate their continued business with your company, which can be done by sending them gifts such as a fabulous Nescafé Milano Lounge coffee machine or by giving them discounts on their next product purchase or service use.

Below are just some of the reasons why client appreciation is so important for your business, and how to say ‘thank you’ to your loyal customers.

Increased value in the market

Businesses with happy customers tend to have better reviews, both online and via word-of-mouth. This means that you will have an advantage over your  competition, as clients are likely to choose a company that shows their appreciation over one that does not.

Customers who are looking for the right vendor will look at your online reviews and will note that many clients have given you positive reviews. This will persuade them to choose you over your competitors and will alert them to the fact that you provide excellent customer service. Clients are becoming more and more invested in online reviews, so to ensure yours are positive, you will need to up your client appreciation game.

Customer loyalty will improve

Once-off clients are great for those times when your cash flow needs a boost, but to maintain your income you need to have returning customers. Showing them appreciation will certainly improve their loyalty and will encourage them to choose you again and again.

Your client appreciation can be as simple as offering them a cup of freshly-brewed coffee from your Milano machine when they visit your office or  giving them a discount on their next purchase from your store or the next time they use your services. Client loyalty is of vital importance to any business, as it helps to ensure that you have a steady stream of income from return customers.

The numbers don’t lie

The ROI of customer retention is significant, as the cost of bringing in a new client can be five to twenty-five percent more costly than retaining a current client. It is estimated that increasing retention rates by five percent can increase profits by up to 95 percent.

Because of this, improving and enhancing the customer’s experience with your business should be at the top of your list when it comes to business and marketing strategies. This means that saying ‘thank you’ to your clients will go a long way in improving your retention and helping to build your profits. Numbers do not lie, and the key ingredient in retention is showing appreciation.

How to show your clients appreciation

Make them feel like a VIP

Let’s face it, we are all a little self-involved, which means that your clients will likely relish feeling like a VIP. You can do this by sending personalised emails or SMS marketing messages about promotions and special events your business is hosting or is a part of.

It has been shown that simply by including the phrase ‘Thank you’ in an email subject line will entice consumers to open it, so use this to your advantage. Include an invitation to an event or a discount off of their next purchase in the email or a link to an ‘exclusive offer’ in an SMS to show that you appreciate their custom and you will notice that they continue to use your products or services.

Celebrate milestones

Your client’s milestones are your milestones, so be sure to send them a congratulatory email or even a hamper of eats when you reach a milestone together. Doing so will show them that you are paying attention to them even after your services have been performed or your product has been used.

A great way to show this type of appreciation is to post on social media about your clients’ achievements. Be sure to ask their permission first and always tag them in those posts. This way, your brand will gain more recognition and you will drive traffic to your clients’ websites or promotional pages. Celebrating client milestones is a great way to show that you appreciate the fact they have used your services.

Should I send ‘thank you’ gifts?

It might seem old-fashioned, but sending ‘thank you’ gifts to your clients is an effective way to show client appreciation. Some of the most popular and well-received thank you gifts include books, gift cards, donations to a favourite charity or baked goods (to be enjoyed with a delicious coffee from a Milano Lounge machine).

‘Thank you’ gifts should relate to the client’s ‘brand personality’, so sending a quirky board game to a law firm will likely fall flat. You could opt for food hampers filled to the top with baked breakfast goods to suit all tastes or send them spa vouchers for a day of pampering. Make sure that any gifts you send are personalised to your clients and that you take all dietary and religious needs into account.

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