How to furnish your home office

How to furnish your home office

Working from home can seem like a great idea. In fact, it can be better for some people than working in an office. For one thing, you won’t be distracted by colleagues asking questions every five minutes and you won’t be tempted to join in the office gossip at the coffee machine. But if you want to be productive, you’ll need a dedicated work space where you can concentrate on work and block out all the other things you need to do around the house.

That’s why a home office is perfect for anyone who prefers to work remotely. And if you’re thinking of creating your own workspace in your house, here are some tips on how to furnish it.

Include lots of drawers and cupboard space

Some people are more focused when they’re surrounded by paperwork and general chaos. They know where everything is (despite what it may look like to other people). And others prefer a clear desk with only the essentials and absolutely no clutter whatsoever. Either way, it’s important to have space to keep your files and important documents so you don’t lose things. You want to be able to find certain information without having to spend ages searching. Even though most communication is done online and via email, there are always documents you need to have hardcopies of.

Invest in comfort

It’s hard to focus on work when you’re uncomfortable. It’s always a good idea to spend some extra money on ensuring that your working environment is both functional and comfortable. You’ll probably spend a large portion of your time sitting at your desk and that’s why having the right chair is really important. You’ll also want to purchase a desk that’s the right height for you. And having a raised section to put your laptop or computer is also something you should consider.

Make sure there’s loads of light

Research has shown the importance of natural light in an office and your home office should be no different. Besides the obvious health benefits (both physical and mental), it will keep you energised and more aware of what you’re doing. Use lighter curtains to let in more natural sunlight through the windows. Also use pale colours and shades on the walls. Arranging the furniture so that you’re in the light as much as possible will also help.

Working remotely can be a great experience and there are a lot of positives. But you need the right work space in order to be truly productive while at home.

Photo by Sean MacEntee

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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