How To Find Five Types of Real Estate Properties Best for Investment

Not all real estate properties are efficient when it comes to investment. There are only some of these real estate properties that can generate a worthy amount of money for your pockets, and it is very important for you to know them. That is for you not to invest your money in the wrong place.

Before we go to what those real estate properties are, it is important for you to know why you should invest in real estate. This is to present to you the benefits of investing in real estate if ever you did not yet realize the importance of this.

Why do you think it is best to invest in real estate? Well, here are some reasons why:

  • Real estate industry is booming in this current era. This is the era of information and technology. People are building offices, concrete houses, malls, and many more real estate. Approximately, millions of establishment and residential buildings are built monthly all over the world. Don’t you want to go with the trend?


  • Real estate investments allow you to have a passive income. In today’s fluctuation rate, having a savings only is not going to give you the financial freedom you are dreaming of. You would need to create a mechanism that would allow you to have a passive income. Why? Because you will not always want to do the legwork, right? Passive income generators will provide you money without having you work for it every day.


  • Investing in real estate properties is a long term investment. Usually, real estate property investments last for more than twenty years. Given those long years of having that property running, you would’ve probably earned more from the property than what you invested on it.


  • Real estate properties are not only for business purposes. You may also use them personally. You may either use that purchased residential building, or you may have it rented. You may either use that built office space for your company or you may place it on a lease. So many choices, right?


  • In a more advanced civilization like ours, one way or another, all community locations will be turned into a concrete jungle like New York. If you can afford, why will you wait for all those lots and buildings be monopolized by other people? Get ahead of all the rest! Purchase and invest now!

Those benefits mentioned above are only a few of what you can actually have if you invest in real estate properties. There are endless opportunities in the real estate industry. All you have to do is to start your real estate investment journey now.

Now that you already know the reasons why you should invest in real estate, the next thing you should do is to get to know what real estate properties are best to boost your investments.

The types of real estate that would fully boost your investment depending on what your priorities are. So, these real estate properties listed below are enumerated together with the type of priority their investor should have.

  1. Condominium Units

A condominium unit is listed as the best real estate investment in the Philippines today. This is so because of the locations of condo units. If your priority is to live or to have an investment property in the heart of the city, condominium units should be number one on your list.

People of today tend to move near or in cities. This is because of the availability of high paying jobs, good quality schools, and many more lifestyle-related things in the city. Condominium units are normally situated in the center of cities because these skyscrapers aim to provide an outstanding residential experience amidst the busyness of the city.

Apart from having a good place to stay in the city, there are many income-generating opportunities in having a condo unit. For one, you may have other people rent your unit if you no longer use it. Another option is to have some rooms in your condo rented if it is okay for you to have somebody else live with you. This case is most ideal situation because it gives you a win-win result. You have a house while earning from it!

Another income-generating opportunity for condo units is putting it for lease as an office space! There are already many people doing this today because of the rise of the start-up industry. Making your condo unit as a startup company office is not only a good income-generating opportunity. This way, you will also be able to help a startup company bloom, and that is such a noble act!

To give you a head-start in your condo unit hunting, Ayala Land’s Arca South is one of the most outstanding residential building in the country. This beauty is located in Taguig. You may want to take a peek at it.

  1. Subdivision Units

If your priority is to have a quality residential experience in a safe and friendly community, subdivision units should be number one on your list. More or less this has the same benefits as what condo units have except the location.

Subdivision units are usually far from the cities. This is because these type of communities take up a lot of spaces and city centers cannot afford those wide spaces. Thus, subdivisions are located far from the city. If you are willing to live far from the city, but with the benefits of a better living condition, you should check out the best subdivision units near you now!

In terms of income generation, this provides the same opportunities than condo units. Though it is not guaranteed the same number of potential renters as those in condo units, it will still generate a significant number of people. Normally, your potential renters will also be people like you who prioritizes the quality of lifestyle in a subdivision than the life in the city.

  1. Malls and Establishment Buildings

This item is at number 3, even though building a mall or establishment buildings brings the most income to investor because only very few people can afford to do this. This option is impractical to middle-class families. Thus, there is no use of mentioning this first. The ones mentioned in numbers 1 and 2 are very achievable for all those in the lower social classes.

As mentioned, malls and establishment buildings are very good in income generation given the number of businesses booming today in the cities. If you build a mall or an establishment building in a city’s center of commerce, there is a big possibility of earning millions monthly. For existing millionaires or billionaires, this is a very good investment.

  1. Office Spaces

This item is a little bit the same with number 3, but I separated this because number 3 is focused on retail or wholesale businesses. Offices are different. Office spaces have different types of potential customers. Target renters or users are some startups or big companies who do not have their own company buildings yet.

The same with malls and establishment buildings, it will also allow you to earn millions, but in a longer span of time. Building an office space, either for your own use or for lease, is a very good investment because of the rise of IT, BPO, and other types of companies in the Philippines today. Monthly rentals are big, and it will absolutely pay off your investment!

  1. Open Spaces

Are open spaces part of the real estate industry today? The answer is “absolutely yes!” There is a huge reason why Ayala, Robinsons, and SM are building parks inside their malls. The government as well are building many open spaces around cities nowadays. Aboitiz, as well, is creating their very own open spaces all around the country.

For land owners of today, if your lands are near the city, you can either build something on top of it or turn it into your own park! Many people do not realize the benefits of doing this. For people’s health, there are many benefits of having open spaces. But since we are talking about investments, the number of income generation opportunities are limitless, especially in today’s type of lifestyle.

To mention some projects for your open space investment are theme parks, private parks, golf courses, farms, carnivals, and rental opportunities. How cool is that?

That would be all for the top five types of real estate investments you can bank on to get the most of your money. Now that you are acquainted with the endless opportunities of the real estate industry, what you need to do next is to start. How to start? Well, there are many ways to start.

The first thing to do in starting your investment journey is set up a goal. To set up a goal, you need to decide on what type of investment you want. Choose from items one to five above. Then you save up, of course, until you have the exact amount of capital for you to purchase your desired real estate property. After the purchase, it is time for you to be the best investor you can be by managing your investment well.

It is not important whether you invest on small or big real estate properties as long as you start investing. In one way or another, you will profit from it as long as you manage your investment properly.

Authored by: Pete Anderson

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