How To Decide Between Temporary Labour Hire And Permanent Recruitment

How To Decide Between Temporary Labour Hire And Permanent Recruitment

Every growing business at some stage has to face the decision of hiring more staff, whether it is for a temporary assignment or a more permanent position.

In Australia, the temporary employment market is expanding rapidly. More and more professionals are looking for career flexibility and a means of developing a broader skill set -freelancing allows them to do this.  A limited duration contract offers a temporary worker the freedom to choose their next project and to assess which project will develop their range of skills most effectively.  Permanent placements in a firm may offer job security and some structure but this is not the choice for everybody.

The best way to decide whether a temporary or permanent placement is best for your company’s current needs is to assess the skills required for the job on offer and the perceived duration of the specific required position.

Using temporary staff to assess your company’s specific needs during a growth stage and within a job role is a good way of assessing the type of personality that would work well within that role or not.  You are able to find out what your ideal candidate would need to be and the necessary skills he or she would need to have in order to maximise their role within your business.  You would then have a better idea of how best to utilize the eventual permanent candidate that you might consider when the position requires a more structured placement.

Temporary staff offers the flexibility of being able to call them in when you need them (if they are available) and during seasonal flows, this is a real requirement for many businesses.  When things quieten down, the freelancer gets to move on.  A temporary staff member is also more easily available to hire for a job as opposed to a permanent candidate who might need to give a full months’ notice before he/she can begin employment with your company.

There is a risk involved in hiring a temporary staffer, as you are never quite sure what you are getting.  Training an employee to work within the structures of your organization takes time and if you have the wrong candidate who is not suitable for the job, despite your belief that they were, you have to do it all over again.  There are many talented temporary employees out there but then there are also those who aren’t.  If you are going to hire a temporary employee, the suggestion would be to use a recruitment firm who specialize in both temporary employment and permanent placement.

The reasons for hiring permanent employees would be for the stability they offer in supporting their team with a long-term vision.  Knowing that a particular staff member is part of the team and can be counted on to fill the assigned role creates a sense of structure.  A permanent staff member has a far better idea of what is expected of him or her within the company framework and their commitment beats that of a temporary worker hands down.

Training employees is time consuming and sometimes expensive but if the employee is permanent both you and he/she will have the long-term vision in mind, it becomes an investment, rather than an expense.  There is also the risk of hiring the wrong candidate in a permanent position.  This would be a costly mistake and difficult to rectify once a permanent contract is set in place.

The decision to hire a temporary staff member or a permanent one is difficult, but I believe that if the value of the position is high in terms of its contribution toward the company’s overall vision, then you need a more structured appointment.


Authored by: Pete Anderson

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