How to create the perfect security control room

How to create the perfect security control room

If you are interested in setting up a security control room for your business, there are several considerations you will need to take into account. It can seem like a daunting prospect but you can create the perfect control room with the right CCTV control room equipment and knowledge. Below you will find some helpful tips on everything you will need to create the perfect security control room.

Size matters

One of the most important considerations of designing a security control room is the size. It is often underestimated exactly how much size is needed for a control room, and a room that may look large and spacious now, but once it is filled with CCTV control room equipment, it will soon appear lacking.

A low roof, office pillars and poorly angled walls can be a hindrance to any control room setup. You will need to make markings on the floor of the room you choose to use, setting out where the equipment will be placed. This will serve as a good indicator of how much space you will have once the equipment has been placed. You will need to consider how much space you will need for chairs and ensure that there is room to walk around freely behind these chairs.

Let there be light

Lighting is an important feature in any CCTV control room. You will need to provide the right lighting intensity for those who will be working there, including reflective or recessed lighting which should be complemented by natural lighting wherever possible.

You will need to avoid strong backlight that can reflect off of monitors, making it difficult for control room operators to see the images clearly, and should have lower lighting levels than in usual office spaces. Desk lamps are a great option to have in a control room, as this allows the control room operator to adjust the lighting in their space to suit their own specific needs. All windows should have frosted glass or easy-to-control blinds that keep out the morning and afternoon glare of the sun.


Ergonomic furniture and layouts are created with humans in mind, most importantly, they are created for the comfort of humans. The furniture should allow operators to sit at their desks for hours without too much discomfort, which means that ergonomic chairs and desks are necessary.

The layout of the floor should allow for the natural flow of traffic, and the line of sight of your operators needs to be clear of obstructions. The temperature of the room also needs to be considered: if it is too hot, the control room operators will be uncomfortable and unable to work, too cold and they could become sick and unhappy. The wall colours should be neutral and pleasing to the eye, so whites, creams and warm greys are ideal choices.

Noise control is important

Modern control rooms do not just watch from afar, they interact with staff, personnel and the public which means that you will need to ensure that the noise levels in and around the control room are low enough to allow for clear verbal communication.

Low noise levels also allow the operators to concentrate on the job at hand, limiting distractions. Think carefully when choosing a room or space for your CCTV control room setup. Having it near a busy office or road is not ideal. If you detect any loud outside noises, be sure to insulate the room effectively. One way to discover if the place where your control room will be is to spend a full working day there, and note down every time there is a loud enough noise that distracts you. This way you can make allowances for it.

Spaced out

The spacing between desks is a factor in a CCTV control room that is often overlooked. Control room operators often have to use keyboards, mice, joysticks and other devices throughout the day but are sometimes provided with limited space to manoeuvre in.

Usable desk space is critical and should be taken into account when considering the size of your control room. You should ensure that there is enough space between desks for all the different functions that control room operators need to perform daily, and that there is enough leg room underneath their desks for them to stretch their legs comfortably. Constricted desk space can lead to circulation problems and other health issues.

Controlling your control room

A well-laid out and thoughtfully designed CCTV control room means happier workers. This means that you have more control over the space and can operate effectively and efficiently at almost all times of the day and night. You will need to look at the size of your designated space and whether it will house all of the necessary equipment comfortably, as well as making ergonomic choices for the operators. Usable desk space is critical, and the right lighting can make the working day more pleasant. Once you have all of these aspects down pat, you can start to build the perfect control room.

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