How to build your brand from the ground up

How to build your brand from the ground up

Running a company is no small feat. This is especially true if you have to build your brand from scratch or are part of a rebranding strategy. It can be a difficult and long-winded process but the end results speak for themselves. Your new brand will impress consumers and will help to make your company stand out from the crowd.

An effective way to help with building your brand is to take out small business asset funding. This way you will have a company car to wrap with your new branding or even a fleet that you can use to advertise your business on. But before you go ahead and start dreaming up what your new logo and colours will look like, you will need to start building your brand from the bottom up. Below are some tips on how to do just that.

Understand that the consumer experience has changed

In today’s digitally-focused world, the shopping experience of consumers has changed drastically. No longer do customers look at your physical store first and then make a purchasing decision, they rely on their mobile devices and computers to show them your products and services.

This means that your website and social media platforms have to be the first reflection of your brand, rather than your showroom. Now, having a physical showroom is still important and it should not be neglected but you should spend time honing in on your digital efforts. Start by creating a fast-loading website with relevant content for consumers. You can include brand stories and information to help consumers answer questions rather than simply buy a product.

Don’t focus solely on marketing

While marketing is an important part of building any brand, and will help you to make use of the assets you bought with the specialist asset funding, it should not be your sole focus. In order to make your brand relevant to consumers, you need to first look at their experience with your brand.

As a new business owner, you might think that focusing your energy on marketing to consumers is the best step to take. You should, however, look at improving your customer experience first. For example, if you notice that consumers are making complaints about a certain product or service on your social media pages, focus on improving their interaction with your company rather than trying to sell them something new.

Boost your resources

If your business has resources that it needs to operate smoothly, upgrading these can help immensely in building your brand. New computers and a printer for your graphic design team will allow them to create a stunning new logo for your brand, and a new camera for your social media team will enable them to put up fresh photos onto your social media.

You can apply for SME asset funding in order to boost your resources but be sure to have a business plan in mind. Having solid resources means that you will be able to create high-quality products and offer impressive services. Do not start building your brand with old or outdated resources. You might not be able to deliver at the level consumers expect, and if your image and branding do not match, they might feel you are not professional.

Try being non-traditional

Just like the way consumer shopping has changed, so has the way they interact with brands. And you will need to leverage this and go for the non-traditional route of building your brand. One effective way to do this is to think of the story you want to tell before you focus on the visuals.

If you are announcing your rebranding to the world, don’t start with the TV, go for mobile first (after all, it is where consumers spend most of their time). For those who are only just building their brand, you should be focusing on telling your brand’s story on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You should also look at using non-traditional methods of grabbing attention such as using “clickbait” titles for blogs about your brand that encourage users to read them and find out more about you.

Look to the future

While you should focus on the “now” when building your brand, you need to always have a future goal in mind. In order to build the brand of your dreams, you will need to understand that the way consumers interact with brands has changed and so has the way they shop.

If you want to create the best possible products, you should look into upgrading your resources first. Buck tradition and appeal to the human side of your consumers. Soon your brand will be stiff competition for others in your industry.

Authored by: mjones

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