How To Get your employees active

How To Get your employees active

Keeping your staff active is crucial to employee motivation and engagement. An idle workforce will become demoralised and unsatisfied with their jobs which increases their chances of leaving the organisation. It is, therefore, crucial to keep your employees active throughout the year.

To keep everyone active in the organisation, you need to have the right number of permanent employees. This is easier said than done as seasonal dips in workloads due to changes in demand for products will often leave some staff members with nothing to do. These low-peak – high peak oscillations make keeping everyone active in the organisation throughout the year quite difficult. But does it have to be?

Using casual workers to smoothen out labour needs

The answer is no. There is a simple solution to this seemingly difficult conundrum. Casual employees can be used to smoothen out labour-need fluctuations without having to add people to the permanent workforce. This means you can keep a permanent workforce adequate for normal operations and add to it when workloads shoot up.

To effectively keep your workforce at optimum, you need to properly assess your business to determine you temporary labour needs for proper planning. By looking at past data on product demand, you can accurately anticipate changes in labour needs and make the appropriate plans.

Why is keeping employees active important?

Well, it’s important for several reasons:

  1. It keeps your employees motivated and engaged. Employees need to be involved in challenging, productive work for them to be motivated and engaged. When employees lose these two, the chances of them leaving the organisation for another are very high.
  2. It keeps personal productivity constant. When a worker stays idle for some time, their personal productivity is adversely affected which makes recovering back to their normal productivity levels difficult once work is available again.
  3. It helps reduce labour expenses. If everyone is active, it means that there are no excess employees in your organisation receiving payment without doing any work. Labour expenses are therefore minimised as the workforce maintained is lean and effective.
Authored by: Pete Anderson

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