How to throw the best going away party

How to throw the best going away party

Throwing a going away party is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, you don’t want your bestie or family member leaving you behind. But, on the other hand, you’re excited about their new adventure and all the exciting experiences which await them. Which is why you want to throw an amazing going away party to say farewell to someone you care about.

You want to send them off with the best memories of home and, of course, you and your friends and family. And that means you can’t just throw an average party. You need to ensure that it’s something they’ll remember for years to come.

Be careful about the guest list

First things first, you need to decide who to invite. While you may want to invite all your friends, don’t invite people that the guest of honour is not close to. The people you don’t invite won’t be hurt if you don’t invite them to a party where they don’t really know the person you’re celebrating all that well. Inviting them may end up making the guest of honour feel uncomfortable because they’ll be forced to make small talk.

You should also consider keeping the guest list limited to a few people. If you have a large family or friendship circle, then you have no choice but to throw a big bash. However, if you can make it a small party, that’s much better. Then the guest of honour will have the opportunity to spend time with everyone they want to and say their goodbyes.

Organise the catering well in advance

You know how important food is at a party. You definitely don’t want to run low on snacks at any point. And if you’re serving a main course, you don’t want to have too little to go around or have some people unable to eat because of specific food allergies. So, make sure to know everyone’s dietary requirements.

And then, once you have the guest list sorted and everyone has confirmed they’ll be attending, organise the catering. If you’re buying snacks and food from a catering service or specific bakery or delicatessen, make sure ahead of time that they’ll be able to cater for the right amount of people and have the food prepared on time.

However, if you’re cooking the food yourself, make sure you know exactly what you’ll be making, how you should prepare it and what ingredients you’ll need. You don’t want to be figuring things out on the day. That’ll end up causing you a lot of stress when you should be concentrating on decor.

Find out what gifts they actually want

It doesn’t matter if the guest of honour says they don’t want any gifts, there will always be gifts. But they need to be the right gifts. So, make sure you get gifts you know they actually want. Of course, since they’re probably not going to hand over a list of presents they’d like, you’re going to have to be creative. Because you were the person asked to host this event, it’s likely that you’re the person who knows them best, so try to give everyone who wants to buy gifts ideas on what to get. The guest of honour is unlikely going to be able to look up store policies and the Consumer Protection Act regulations and return gifts before they leave.

Of course, you need to insist that every gift purchased should be small in size as the guest of honour will have to travel with it. Gift certificates are always a good idea as the person can choose exactly what they want. Otherwise, sentimental trinkets, accessories or jewellery are also good ideas. Basically, ensure no one shows up with a life-sized teddy bear.

Be as sentimental as possible

This isn’t an office party or an everyday get together. You need to be as sentimental as possible. This party is all about one person and this is your chance to give them a proper send off. So, don’t go with generic party decorations or even your most stylish decor. Instead, go ahead and grab all your photos of this person and all the special times you’ve shared and stick them on your walls. Ask all the other guests to do the same. And then get a large blank book where each person can write down their best memory of the guest of honour and add a little good luck message.

If the party is mainly made up of old friends from high school or university, play the tracks that remind you of those times. Create a sentimental playlist that will not only make the guest of honour feel truly special but also party like there’s no tomorrow.


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Authored by: Pete Anderson

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